Eşek Olive Sapling


Ağaç Gelişme Durumu

Yağ Oranı




The name of this olive variety, which has taken names such as mullet, goat or bonito in different regions, is registered as Eşek olive. Eşek olive sapling is not a very soil-picky seedling. It can grow in all kinds of soil, but does not like soils that hold a lot of water. Eşek olive is a good olive variety for table and oil use, so it is an olive sapling that our customers who deal with olives commercially can often choose. It is not necessary to be dealing with trade in order to buy this highly productive olive sapling. Our customers who want to look for olives at home as a hobby can buy them, and they can easily look in their garden, balcony pots.

Customers who are interested in Eşek olives and want to buy saplings can easily order from our company. When ordering, our saplings are sent ready for planting.

Caring for Eşek Olive Sapling

Planting the saplings in 6-7 meters intervals is necessary for the seedlings to develop more easily. Since it is a water-loving olive, it should be planted not in soils that hold water, but in soils where it can absorb water more easily.

The fertilizer given while fertilizing the olive sapling should be applied to the crown areas of the tree. Enriching the soil by fertilizing several times a year will help the seedlings grow and provide better quality fruit.

There is no need for pruning in the first two years after planting. It is sufficient to prune the broken or deformed branches. In later times, it will be efficient to prune the tree branches to sunlight.