21 Apr

Our company, which has the sale of erkence olive sapling to grow the early olive, which is a natural miracle unique to the Aegean region, brings you together with this unique taste and supports its production. If the Erkence olive is grown in a region that is unique to it, the olives it gives can be eaten from its branch. The reason for this is that the olives are sweetened as a result of the ferment of a fungus that is produced specifically for this tree type. Thousands of tourists come from Turkey or abroad every year to eat these olives, which have a very positive contribution to tourism. The crops of these early olive saplings, where you can make huge financial gains after the crops you collect, will surprise you even after they enter your table and will cause you to not be able to eat other olives. These olives, which have a taste more than exaggerated, can be considered as table olives as well as for oil with their oily structure. Our company, which is an Aegean miracle and contributes to the growth of this olive, which is extremely important for our country, is extremely pleased with this situation.

Olive Defense System

The main reason why an olive cannot be eaten from its branch is that it has an oleuropein molecule. The tree produces this molecule to protect itself from its natural enemies. However, it is thought that the early olive is sweetened by the interaction of microclimate and fungus. If the tree is grown in a different place from its natural environment, it will not show this feature, but if processed, it can still be consumed with the same taste.